Fees for legal Services are really a combination of services.

Legal Services can include many different types of services depending on your type of case. Legal Service fees include fees for attorneys time for work on your case. Legal Service fees could also be for experts like court reporters, witnesses with special knowledge, and investigators or many other types of experts. Legal Service fees could also include court filing fees and sherriffs fees for service of process on parties. Legal Service Fees could also include Office expenses your lawyer accrues during the course of preparing your case such as copies, postage, long distance, computer based legal resources for research etc.

Every case will not have all of these fees and your lawyer will go over the fees that will be associated with your particular matter at the initial free consultation. Your lawyer will do their best to give you a bottom line number for your representation from beginning to end with best and worst case scenarios presented. The goal is to make sure you have an idea what to expect throughout the duration of your representation.

You will always have an idea what your lawyers representation will cost before you sign any engagement letter or even decide to hire your lawyer. However, unless your lawyer gives you a flat fee quote for the service to be provided there is no way to be absolutely certain what the final cost for services will be. 

The Law Offices of Anissa Bluebaum, LLC charges fees in several different ways depending on the type of case you need representation for.

Flat Fees - One time fee to handle your matter from beginning to a designated end. Often used in Estate Planning, Uncontested Divorces, and Criminal Defense matters for example.

Contingency Fee - The fee is a percentage of the settlement or verdict that your lawyer helps obtain for you. Often used in personal injury, malpractice, or insurance litigation for example.

Hourly Fee - The fee is set at a certain dollar amount per hour for the time your lawyer spends preparing, working on, arguing, writing motions etc. for your case. Hourly fees are typically quoted in matters that do not have a definitive end and are contested matters in nature and are the hardest to estimate the cost for. Hourly fees are earned from a retainer your lawyer will ask you to deposit. Any portion of a retainer not earned is returned to you and on the other end of the spectrum the retainer may be depleted before your case is disposed or settled and your attorney will ask you to make a further deposit into the retainer to finish working your case. 

The Law Offices of Anissa Bluebaum, LLC will always explain how your type of case is charged and what the expected amount will be as close to accurate as possible. Again, a free consultation includes a price quote as well as free advice on the law and how it affects your particular situation. You are not obligated to pay for any legal services until you hire your lawyer. 

Lawyer Fees
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