The Law Offices of Anissa Bluebaum, LLC is a general practice Law Firm.

We represent our clients in many areas of the law. Our clients come back to us each and every time a legal question or problem arises and we can take care of most of their needs in house. If a specialty area is necessary for a case we are up front with our clients about any limitations our firm may have in a certain area and make sure they find a lawyer for that unique situation.

We Commonly provide Legal Services in the following areas...

Criminal DefenseEstate Planning
All Felonies Probate
All MisdemeanorsWills
All Municipal InfractionsTrusts
All Juvenile Proceedings        Non-Probate Transfers
Traffic Tickets        Powers of Attorney
  Living Wills
Family Law
Dissolutions (Divorce)
Custody/Support ModificaitonsContract Litigation and Drafting
Family Access         Breach of Contract
Child Support         Mechanics Liens
Guardian Ad Litem Services     Unfair Business Practices
Adoptions       Real Estate Contracts                          Business Contracts
Real Estate Transactions
Landlord/Tenant MattersEmployment Law
Unlawful Detainer    Unlawful Termination
Tenant Complaints           Harrassment
Real Estate Transers
Contracts for DeedEducation
Lease Purchase AgreementsFAPE - Free and Appropriate
Timeshare Contracts        public Education
  Individualized Education
Personal Injury and Loss of Property                               Programs
Motor vehicle Accidents           
Products Liability
Premises Liability

Legal Services
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