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Do It Yourself Divorce...With Attorney Assistance!!

by Anissa Bluebaum on 05/12/13

Many people would like to save money and represent themselves in their divorce proceeding. Many don't have the necessary funds to pay an attorney to get started in their divorce. Those who may have tried to file their own divorce papers and tried to represent themselves may feel overwhelmed with the process and are not sure if it all will go through correctly. 

The Law Offices of Anissa Bluebaum, LLC is now offering Attorney Assisted Divorces. In Missouri when an attorney assisted a person who is representing themselves it is called Limited Representation. In this type of arrangement the legal fees are drastically reduced, the client is representing themselves, yet with an attorney who prepares the documents and is available at all stages to give advice on procedure and to help the client make sure the divorce goes through successfully. 

For limited representation to work effectively in divorce proceedings it is important that the parties have agreed or are likely to agree on most of the issues of the divorce including division of property, division of debt, custody arrangements, child support and maintenance (alimony). 

In a limited representation scenario if the parties have agreed the divorce can be done quickly, efficiently, and at an extremely low cost.

So what happens if you have limited representation and your divorce becomes contested?

A couple of options are available. The client may choose to have us represent them for only one hearing or for the remainder of the contested litigation. For those who feel capable of handling the divorce on their own but would like an attorney to represent them during and evidentiary hearing such as a temporary custody hearing then the client would pay an additional flat fee for their attorney to prepare and represent them during this hearing only. This "as needed" basis is available with The Law Offices of Anissa Bluebaum, LLC and is  an affordable alternative to paying the typical $10,000 to $20,000 fees for general representation throughout the duration of a contested dissolution of marriage action.

Please see our page on "Limited Representation" which explains the procedure and costs of this affordable alternative to traditional legal representation.

Free Notary Services in Ozark

by Anissa Bluebaum on 11/17/11

We wanted to be sure to let you know that anytime our official Notary Public, Julie, is in the office, you can stop by to have documents notarized for free! You might want to call ahead to make sure she's available, but most of the time, she's willing to drop whatever it is to help you out. Tell your friends!

The New Guy

by Anissa Bluebaum on 09/20/11

Hi, I'm Neil Fossum and I'm Anissa's newest associate. I have been practicing here in southwest Missouri since November and I am very excited to be a part of Anissa's office!

We Are Growing!

by Anissa Bluebaum on 08/15/11

Of course, The Law Offices of Anissa Bluebaum, handles clients from Branson, Ozark, Springfield, Nixa and all over the Ozarks. We want to make it easier for you to reach us.  You'll see the signs soon, right off Hwy 60 in Republic. Phones are being set up, computers and filing cabinets are being brought in, as you read this! This is great news in our economy and great news for the people of Republic or west of Springfield. Tell your friends!

Words from a Wise Man

by Anissa Bluebaum on 06/28/11

A wise man wrote these words and they hang eternally in the Greene County Courthouse . . .

"You'll hear no lawyer jokes tonight because I do not consider being a lawyer a joke.
Our trust is more sacred than that of any other profession. Individuals trust their health to doctors and dentists. They trust their accountant with the management of their money. They trust us with the truth. Whatever we've done to cause the public to lose respect for us, we must change.
We must remember and live by this: Our first duty is not to our client . . . it is to the Court . . . the system we serve. If we live by this, our conduct will give no one cause for complaint.
We will seek to solve disputes, not create them.
We will do so more quickly, rather than more slowly.
We will make things simpler, not more complex; easier, not harder.
We will act with dignity, not with rancor.
We will see the formality of the process not as an obstacle; but as an affirmation of our traditions . . . traditions that have worked.
Our clients do not need us to be angry. They do not need us to be inflexible. They do not need us to be rude. They do not need us to be petty and mean-spirited. They easily manage all of this by themselves. It is because this comes so readily to them that we are needed . . . needed to calm the stormy seas . . . to be steady at the helm . . . to find safe harbor before all is lost.
If we cannot, as a group, do this we all will go and be not missed or mourned. If, on the other hand, we are the solutions to the problem and not its cause, if we are the grease, not the grit, everyone will feel better about us and we will feel better about ourselves. Unless we honor our profession by what we say and do, we cannot expect anyone else to do so."

James W. Newberry
Installation Banquet Remarks
January 21, 1995